A Massage therapist is fully trained in anatomy and physiology, with a focus on the joints, muscles and circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids.


Injured and tight muscles develop scar tissue and fibrous knots which can cause muscle spasm, stiffness, muscular pain and reduces mobility around the joints.

We use a range of techniques to reduce muscle spasm, mobilise stiffened joints, improve flexibility, mobility, relieve pain and increase circulation.

Anyone can benefit from sports massage; you do not have to be a sports person. A physically demanding job, being sat at a desk for many hours, different postures or lifestyle stress may produce many similar characteristics to an injury such as discomfort, pain, or lethargy.

Sports massage originates from Swedish massage with added soft tissue stretch and mobilisation.

Deep tissue massage works through the whole muscle graduating through the layers to bring about a change in the tissue.

Pregnancy massage is adapted to ensure the Mum to be is comfortable and is also more focused on those areas taking more strain from the body changes.

Benefits of Massage*

  • Release soft tissue tension
  • Relieve stiffness
  • Decrease muscle spasms
  • Release restrictions and soften and realign scar tissue and loosen up adhesions
  • By releasing tension and restrictions in soft tissue, it can help to re-establish a balance of muscle function where needed and decrease mobility and flexibility, thus reducing stress on joints
  • By increasing blood flow, sports massage brings more oxygen and nutrients to tissue and removes waste products, thus promoting an efficient system

(*This belief is as a result of historical clinical experience, objective reports and testimonials rather than scientific studies)