Amanda and Sylvie use a range of natural techniques to help people return to their optimum health and stay healthy.

Their focus is on improving your body’s function, mobility and general wellbeing.

Based in Wokingham in Berkshire, and Eversley in Hampshire.

What do we do?

Back to Motion is renowned for working with their patients to understand their needs and expectations in order to provide excellent patient care.

We treat every one of our patients as an individual with a personally designed package of care. We use a variety of techniques including McTimoney Chiropractic, massage, soft tissue therapy, acupuncture, kinesiology taping, pregnancy massage and rehabilitation advice to help maintain good posture, promote health or improve performance. No matter what it is you do, from a grass roots footballer to high performance athlete,  desk based worker to senior member of the community enjoying a potter in the garden.


Chiropractors use a range of safe and natural techniques to reduce pain, improve function and increase mobility, including hands-on manipulation of the spine.


Massage aims to relax, revive and heal the body. Using manual hands-on movements and manipulation of the soft tissues and muscles in the body to promote healing and enhance a person’s overall well-being.


Acupuncture stimulates the nerves in skin and muscle, producing a variety of effects. It increases the body’s release of natural painkillers in the pain pathways of both the spinal cord and the brain.


Our Patients Love Us

“After ripping my calf muscle ski-ing I could hardly walk. Amanda taped me up to see me through the week and then massaged me back to health. She was amazingly helpful throughout, and got me back to the gym in no time.

Clare Amos

“I went recently to back to motion (Sylvie) with low back pain that I’ve had for months and months, Sylvie was able to spot what was causing the problem right away, she explained it to me and treated it. The treatment was very gentle but clearly very effective I am amazed at how I have gone back to almost normal after just one session! It had been so long since I had my pain that I had started to accept it as part of my life…now that is gone it feels amazing! Really thankful, and looking forward to my next app review. Sylvie is also super lovely. Thank you!”

Rocia I.

“As the best cyclist in our pelaton, I’m always keen to stay ahead.  Amanda has increased my flexibility and stamina to help me achieve this.”

Adam Thurley

“Absolutely awesome. I was sceptical at first but went with it. Followed advice & exercises from Sylvie religiously and had a phenomenal improvement. Absolutely delighted. Now also have tools I can use to limit potential future issues.”

Oli G.

“I could hardly walk when I went to see Amanda – I didn’t think anyone could help me, and as a keen runner and cyclist I was desperate for help. Amanda identified a disc problem, and within weeks I was back on my bike.  I simply cannot thank her enough.”

Rob Melhuish

“Sylvie is a miracle worker. I was in considerable pain which had me on the brink of tears for 48 before I visited Sylvie. She did some really gentle treatments and talked me through what had happened to my body. I confess, I was a little skeptical that such tiny, gentle adjustments could do anything for me and walked away reaching for the painkillers again. However I woke up the next morning with the pain considerably less. I could more or less forget it and within 24 hours I was feeling pain free and mobile again. Its a mystery how those tiny movements and strange actions help but they absolutely did on this occasion. Sylvie is a wizard and I am so grateful to have seen her. In the kindest sense, I hope I never see her again but if I do have pain again, anywhere in my body, I will race back to her.”

Briony R.

“After the huge disappointment of having to defer my marathon place due to acute back pain, I was introduced to Amanda. She got me back up and running in no time.

Amanda is different, she understands runners needs and always goes the extra mile whether it be advice, or fitting you in for treatments. She is amazing and I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Vicki Taylor

“Dr Sylvie is a fabulous chiropractor! She is an extremely knowledgeable skilled chiropractor and through regular sessions she helps me to manage the pain I experience from hypermobility. Thank you Sylvie for being on my wellness journey!”

Hannah B.

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